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Work with FDKM

Work with FDKM, we seek collaborators instructors around the world to promote and disseminate the discipline of Krav Maga in gyms every city in the world by teaching techniques easy to learn.

If you like sports and would like to teach this discipline in your city we are looking for you.

To become an instructor enough to belong to one of these requirements:

• hold a brown belt in other martial disciplines;

• be an expert in combat;

• operator belonging to the units of the Armed Forces or the Police and special operations;

• be an expert in fitness;

• be gestrore owner and a gym.


With us you will become a manager FDKM of your country and your city.

Opportunity fdkm in the world

You will become Master of Krav Maga

How to become a Master?

To become a Master FDKM, you have to follow a training program that through determination and perseverance will allow you to reach the goals that will take years to get the following levels in chronological order:

Instructor Trainer Krav Maga

Krav Maga Instructor Level 1

Krav Maga Instructor Level 2                                                                                     Krav Maga Instructor Level 3                                                                                         Krav Maga Instructor 4th level MASTER

Israel course instructor FDKM

You will have the possibility di'insegnare in your city promoting sports, you will cooperate with FDKM directly from your city with the possibility to organize events, seminars and courses with instructors miglioiri Israeli masters.

You will attend all courses in the world including FDKM also refresher courses in Israel.

You will have the exclusively licensed FDKM your area.

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What aspects subscribe to our editorial fdkm and you will be contacted soon by one of our managers.




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