Massimiliano Marsala FDKM Worldwide

Massimiliano Marsala, Responsible Federation Defense Krav Maga, works all over the world to teach Krav Maga and specializes in training and preparation of instructors Civil, Military, members of the Police and Security Operators. Passionate for Martial Arts begins with combat sports with the traditional karate. Nell 'year 2000, after a little experience in the Navy as a volunteer becomes part of the 183rd Parachute Regiment "NEMBO" with the rank of stormtrooper, and from there began his training with the system Krav Maga MILITARY.

After participating in peace missions abroad with the Special Forces, and he participated in numerous trainings, it is trained to grow its technical and operational know participating in various courses of Krav Maga, specializing in later in techniques Krav Maga POLICE.

Thanks to the hard training in special departments attended several courses by obtaining qualifications, Rifleman assault, daring operator, employee stocks, operator VIP protection and counterterrorism operator.

After leaving the special units, Massimiliano Marsala specializes in training for Krav Maga in 2006 becoming instructor 1st level starting to work as an assistant instructor with his Master gaining more experience in the world of Krav Maga and MILITARY POLICE. After earning a black belt 1st Dan in Karate, he began his adventure as a teacher of Krav Maga to civilians and in 2011 after years of training is the Sports Association FDKM.

FDKM is a direct result of all these experiences and Massimiliano Marsala specializes in the preparation and training of instructors in Krav Maga throughout Italy through specific lessons with the best self-defense techniques with personal best system of Israeli Krav Maga.

In January 2014 he continues his training with the Federation Krav Maga Israel overcoming the course instructors 2nd Level FKM Israeli.

October 2014, together with his team FDKM Italy, specializes in Krav Maga Police, reaching the rank of instructor 3rd level directly in the state of Israel - Ashdod with the Federation of Master KMF Alaen Cohen and later in October 2015 reached the highest able to 4th level Master.

massimiliano marsala instructor kubotan fdkm

Training has no limits and growing is the top priority for Massimiliano Marsala. In his objectives there is also that of knowing the one who invented a unique style in Karate with the use of Kubotan.

In May 2015 in Turin he participates in a unique and international event. A two-day seminar with Master Soke Takayuki Kubota, known all over the world for inventing easy and useful techniques with the use of kubotan.

With the alarm of international terrorism the needs of police officers around the world Massimiliano Marsala feels the need to grow his professionalism to continue his career as a Trainer.

For this reason, in May 2015 in Poland, he participates in an intensive course for Anti-Counter and Terrorism Specialists, specializing in operative techniques and tactics for fire fighting with possible Active Shooter.

FDKM / AICS considering the qualifications obtained up to now releases the highest level from Instructor "Master Red Belt 4th Level"

Massimiliano Marsala fdkm polonia
Massimiliano Marsala fdkm polonia
Massimiliano Marsala fdkm polonia
Massimiliano Marsala fdkm master

Massimiliano Marsala fdkm polonia

marsala massimiliano instructor fdkm scp romania

From May 2016 to October 2016 in Romania, begins a training course to achieve the qualifications of Instructor Close Protection, Bodyguard Instructor and Instructor Secuity Agent, issued by the Romanian State Ministry of Security in cooperation with the company SCP- Sector Close Protection where to date Massimiliano Marsala is Instructor and Trainer for Operators.

Massimiliano Marsala instructor Beretta

November 2016 participates with the school academy of BERETTA, to a course Instructors of advanced training with professionals and professional trainers from all over the world for Police officers, acquiring the maximum title as INSTRUCTOR OF TECHNICAL OPERATIVE TACTICS of BDSA (Beretta Defense Shooting Academy) .

The formation of Massimiliano Marsala does not stop and decides to go to the United States to grow professionally. In October 2017, together with his FDKM instructors group, he took part in an Instructor course directly with the School of Master Darrien Levine, founder of Krav Maga Worldwide.

The Krav Maga Worldwide training center and its instructors are the official trainers in all of California for the Police, Special Departments and Counter-terrorism departments.

Currently it is considered the best school in the world and Massimiliano Marsala in California participates in an Advanced Instructors course and an anti-terrorism course directly with the trainers of the Swat of Los Angeles

kmw los angeles Massimiliano Marsala


May 2018 participates with the school academy of BERETTA, to a course Instructors of high formation with professionals and professional trainers from all over the world for Police officers, acquiring the maximum title as INSTRUCTOR of TACTICAL DEFENSIVE SHOOTING of BDSA (Beretta Defense Shooting Academy) .



June 2018 in Turin acquires with the KMF (Krav Maga Federation) the 5th level from Krav Maga Instructor "Instructor AIR-MARSHAL".

The title issued by Maestro Alain Cohen, completes 360 ° the professionalism and knowledge of Massimiliano Marsala, acquiring new techniques for managing the danger in situations under stress.