Krav Maga FDKM

FDKM is a global sports organization with the aim of training instructors of defense around the world studying the best best defense techniques and combat with the system krav maga. Our courses are conducted by professional, qualified instructors, operating directly from Israel and around the world. FDKM organizes professional courses, and krav maga police, tonfa, kubotan, krav maga military, training against terrorism, protection of special courses, courses in dynamic shooting and activities aimed at fighting.


FDKM spreads operational techniques among its authorized centers in Italy and abroad, through seminars, courses for civilian personnel, military and members of the police force. FDKM employs qualified instructors, with years of experience in training for military and police force of the world, coming from schools of higher education. Instructors are in continuous training and upgrading through national and international seminars with teachers and Israeli security professionals; in this way the defense system and combat proposed remains ever present and ever-changing.

From a technical standpoint FDKM combines straight and circular movements natural, to create a combination of techniques of defense and attack: fists, elbows, knees, throws, joint locks and fixed assets, which become essential tools in a confrontation on the street.

Mainly our training develops four specific skills: technical knowledge, responsiveness physical, mental approach and ability to adapt to situations and complex scenarios.

The formation of the Student / Athlete FDKM, faces four sections technical teaching:

  1. basic techniques aimed at the management of the danger
  2. hazard assessment in the three phases of the defense staff
  3. control and management techniques of attack and defense
  4. neutralization of the attacker and escape


Massimiliano Marsala President FDKM WORLDWIDE